Frequently Asked Questions

College Students

  • How do I apply for the NCWIT Collegiate Award? Follow the instructions in the Application Guide to update your profile or register for an Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Community membership and begin an application.
  • When can I apply for the NCWIT Collegiate Award? The application season begins on September 1, 2017 and goes until October 30, 2017.
  • Is there a parent/guardian approval process? Any qualifying female college student over the age of 14 may register for an AiC Community membership without parent/guardian approval. To be eligible for the NCWIT Collegiate Award, a student MUST be 18 or older on the date she submits her application.
  • What is the endorsement deadline? The professor/manager endorsement deadline is November 13, 2017.
  • How does my professor/manager submit the endorsement ? Upon saving or submitting your application, your professor/manager receives an email asking them to complete an endorsement for your application.
  • Can I submit further information to support my application? Unfortunately, we cannot accept supporting materials for applications other than what is required.
  • If I have already won an NCWIT Collegiate Award, may I apply again? Previous Collegiate Award winners are not eligible, but Collegiate Award Honorable Mentions are welcome and encouraged to apply.
  • Do I have to present to win? Awardees are expected to participate in the NCWIT Collegiate Award Ceremony at the annual NCWIT Summit in May, but Award winners are not required to be present to win. Acknowledgment of travel and affirmation of acceptance at time of Award notification is required.


  • I didn't receive my endorsement email for an application, can you resend it? Please email if you did not receive your recommendation email. Please note: many email addresses from public education institutions, such as those ending in, block emails from Using a different email address may allow the recommendation email through spam filters.
  • How do I complete the endorsement for my student's application? Click on the link you received in your endorsement email. You will be taken to a form where you will fill in your information and complete the endorsement. Once you save the form, your endorsement will be complete.
  • What is the endorsement deadline? The recommendation deadline is November 13, 2017. Please have all endorsements submitted by that date.
  • I have a student I would like to nominate for the Award, how do I do that? We do not have nominations, but we do have a form where you can encourage a student to apply for the Award. Once your student has applied, she selects someone to write a recommendation for her.